Originally posted on: Sep 1st, 2010 at 9:00pm

With approximately 18 days left until I move to Seattle, I spent some vital time today with my friend Katie. Our friendship dates back to middle school, where we gravitated to each other due to our quirkiness, love for Japanese culture, and spiritual beliefs.

Thankfully, our friendship (albeit not as strong) has still lasted through college semesters spent apart and Katie studying abroad in Japan.

After her time spent in Japan and my experience eating not-so-great sushi, we began our afternoon with some “legit sushi,” followed by a few hours of meandering. Those hours of meandering lead us to a home decor store that had one of the most lovely ladies’ room I have ever seen! Literally, I have never taken a photo inside of a public bathroom before, but I had to capture this chandelier before someone walked in on me (being a weirdo).

Look at gorgeous this chandelier is! I want one in my apartment.

Katie posing near this grungy wall. I love her style, she’s totally bold with clothes (braver than me anyway)!