Originally posted on: Aug 26th, 2010 at 10:07pm

As of next month, I am shifting my life towards a whole new perspective. This perspective will bring me, and situate me in the Northwest. Although I am excited about this immense change in my life, I am nervous.

Nervous because my whole family resides in New York.

Nervous because I am a native New Yorker, and I am very comfortable with all the ease and action my Great Apple offers me.

Nervous because I will be on my own, yet guided and loved tenderly by my boyfriend of over three years.

To help ease the nervousness about leaving my family and the ones I love so dearly, I try to spend as much time with them as possible. Part of this includes Thursday photoshoots/hanging out/exploring new places with my father. He was the man who sparked my love for photography, and he is the man I credit on my website for my style and photographic eye.

As part of the process of my life changing so rapidly and positively, I wanted to share photos from today’s shoot with you from DUMBO, Brooklyn.

I like to think of my presentation as a candid walking tour through Brooklyn, with me and my father.

Also since my father shoots in film, I hope he will be able to can scan the prints and send them to me so I may share his shots.

One of the first pictures I shot when we began. I always see these tin flowers and think about pretty they are in such an industrialized area. Although they are pretty and a fun little hybrid of the natural and unnatural, they often remind just how much real beauty cannot be replicated.

I lead my dad to the little beach area underneath the Manhattan bridge and we were shooting different things, until this couple brought their dog over. Since I love dogs, I found watching him quite entertaining and photo-worthy!

Once I stopped laughing and enjoying the dog, I finally got my shot of the bridge. This shot was kind of a pain because the shadows were so dramatic that the bridge came out back-lit. This is where we cue a bunch of post-processing.

This fence is really cool and unique. I wish all of the world’s fences were this artistic.

After several rainy and cool days, I couldn’t help but incorporate the beautiful blue sky into most of my photos.

A cute sign for a little cafe. The inside looked cute too, but I didn’t go in.

Just a neat little shot of down one of the many, many, MANY blocks we walked down.

To view the full set, check them out on Flickr!