As I slowly unravel myself from my so-called “photographic rut,” I proposed the idea of going on a mini photo-hunt with my boyfriend in Downtown Tacoma today.

It was a lot of fun to wander around and take photos of whatever, just like I used to back home in New York. But what made it even nicer was that doing this reminded me of my dad, mostly because he and I used to venture around the city to capture anything and everything.

Since these are more casual photos (although I did squeeze in some nice headshots of my boyfriend, who claims he is not a model and gets a little flustered when I play paparazzi with him), I decided to create a nifty little slideshow for ease of viewing.

P.S., amazingly enough, there’s a photo that my boyfriend caught of me while we were waiting for lunch at the Harmon /shock and awe!

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