After finally stumbling into bed rather late last night, I caught myself thinking about photography. I was thinking about ways to improve the blog, how excited I was to take photos for tomorrow (today), and how I wanted to check all of my favorite photographer’s blogs to see if they posted any updates.

Essentially, I was keeping myself awake with the adrenaline of photography coursing through my veins.

As of late, it has felt like photography has kept me alive, and that one day without it feels like true deprivation. Perhaps I am just making up for the time I stopped taking photos, who knows. All I do know is that I want to keep taking photos – photos of anything and everything, because I love it so much.

Well, mushy mini-tangent aside about how I love photography oh-so-much and on to the good stuff!

I wanted to share the photos I took today on photo walk in the Port of Tacoma. Which I believe turned out much, much better than I anticipated. This is mostly attributed to the fact that I had absolutely no clue about what I wanted to shoot today, all I knew was that I wanted to shoot. When my boyfriend started the car and asked me where I wanted to go, I simply told him that I had no idea. He kept pushing for a direction, and I finally blurted out a safe zone: “Downtown Tacoma.”

Immediately, I regretted mentioning downtown because it is a safe zone. I admonished myself for not saying somewhere different, because if I want to become a better photographer, I will have to challenge myself (cue photographer Scott Bourne’s article about proving you are serious about photography and see point number seven). Luckily for me, my boyfriend decided (on his own accord) to turn into the Port of Tacoma to explore somewhere we have never been before.

With many thanks to him, he helped challenge me a bit and even point out some potential photos I may have never considered (three cheers for having a creative partner)!