I know I have been pretty absent recently and I wanted to apologize, firstly.

I tend to have this habit where I ride on the wave of something, then slowly ebb away from it. Eventually, I do come back, but I need to make it a little more permanent. The recent neglect of this blog has been due to the fact that I’m not shooting as much as I did in New York. It’s also due to the fact that I’m not back in school yet and I don’t have the spare time I used to.

It should be noted though, that I am doing lifestyle photography for my church (University Place Presbyterian Church) and it has been really a great experience, especially because my photography has been printed and displayed around the facility. If you are interested in seeing photos before I post them here, you can find some of my work on the church’s Flickr located here and here. In the meanwhile, I am going to get the photos organized and upload them onto Flickr in their own set.

Since the last time I posted in April (epic fail on my part) to now, a lot of awesome things have happened and will happen. Some of the highlights are:

– My dad visited Washington for the first time in July. He’s a born and bred New Yorker, like me, but he was awestruck by the beauty of the Northwest. We went up to Mount Rainier and I got a lot of really great shots (you can see some below and above). Also, if you plan on visiting the mountain sometime soon, make sure to do the Trail of Shadows near Longmire. When I was up there with my dad we hiked the trail, and goodness, it’s gorgeous.

– A good friend and I started a lifestyle blog together called Evergreen and Aperture. The blog was born out of our annoyance over the lack of blogs that don’t discuss sustainable living, eco-friendly products, and also the lack of beauty blogs that don’t mention the amount of harmful chemicals companies put in products. Right now we’re still in the honeymoon phase, but we’ve got some solid content up.

– We’re also in the works of compiling a list of brands that contain harmful chemicals, alternative products to use, and what products from brands contain these chemicals and which don’t. Additionally, we will also be explaining the hazards to these chemicals and what they are in a way that the public can understand. I’m pretty excited to see what articles my friend comes up with because she’s an Environmental Sciences major who is a living example of someone that is passionate about the environment. As for me, I’m the resident photographer for the blog. Which means I’ll be posting some photography tips on there, particularly tips from a camera-buying aspect. This is especially important to me because I help a lot of people at my job with purchasing cameras, so I’m considerably up to speed with the current needs and questions people have.

–  Also the local Renaissance Faire is happening this weekend. You know what that means – photos! I am so excited to see how the Northwest does their faires. And obviously expect some photos to show up here, of course.

Until next time, stay posted for those Flickr updates and any photography articles I write for my alternate blog because I’ll redirect them here!

And I don’t own houseplants because I don’t water them enough like my blog … ;)